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The Hidden Meaning in Your Name


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Could someone named Biff ever be president? Could a Gertrude ever become a prima ballerina? Does your name really play an integral part in who you are and what you will become? Can changing one's name -- common practice with many immigrant families -- actually change one's destiny? The hidden meaning of names

is a popular query on Internet search engines as people hope to learn what their name says about them and who they will become.

Different than traditional name meanings found in baby name lists and last name meaning dictionaries, the hidden meaning of a name is more akin to astrology or fortune telling than true etymological science. With some exceptions, most sources which reference the hidden meanings of names appear to use a variation on research known as sound symbolism, which attributes meanings to individual sounds based on their emotional response.

So what exactly is sound symbolism? The traditional view of most linguists is that word meanings are related to morphemes (roots, suffixes, prefixes, etc.). There are a few, however, who place great faith in the theory of "sound symbolism," suggesting that the letters of the alphabet -- individual sounds such as 'p' or 'st' -- actually mean something based on how they are pronounced. Sound symbolism, in its basic form, suggests that letter meanings influence how we feel about words and how we react to names, whether personal names or brand names.

As one such individual, Joseph Gilbert, explains it, "look at the words that start with 'st'. Whether steadfast or just plain stubborn, they're almost all really stuck in one place (stop, stick, stand, stall, stoic, store, stack, still...), unless of course there's a raring, rearing, roaring 'r' in there who can get your 'st' 'started'."

Curious, of course, I checked out the hidden meaning in my name. Entering my full name (you can also get results for both given names and surnames), I was told

You are much admired by others because of your unique personality and fair dealings with people. Having a shrewd and creative mind you are extremely clever and can apply your abilities to achieving success in the business world. You possess confidence, determination and intuitively understand people so leadership or management roles would suit you best. Your tenacity, talent and ability to handle change ensures that all your ambitions will be achieved.

Of course, trying many possible combinations, I also was unable to find a meaning that was unpositive and also was given meanings for names which are, essentially, concocted gibberish. Either way, it was a fun exercise in linguistics.

If you're curious about the meanings behind the individual letter sounds, check out the hidden meaning in your name.

Numerologist Joy Light also claims to be able to find the hidden meaning in your name by using the numbers which correspond with the letters in your name. By adding all of the numbers in your name together, you arrive at a number that represents your destiny, or what it is in this lifetime you want to accomplish. A hidden meaning behind your name.

Hmm..... I wonder how much I have in common with the other Kimberly Powell's of the world?

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