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Triangulation: Making More of Autosomal DNA


I was lucky enough to attend a great workshop this past weekend on advanced autosomal DNA with genetic genealogist CeCe Moore at the Association of Professional Genealogist's Professional Management Conference. Not only are the DNA testing companies continuing to update the analysis tools that they offer, but a number of great 3rd-party tools are also available. These tools exist to help you learn something from those "cousin matches" by identifying and associating specific segments of DNA with specific ancestors. I've linked to a number of fun tools and explanations to get you started. There are charts for examining x-DNA inheritance as well.

Triangulation for Autosomal DNA - Genetic genealogist Roberta Estes explains several processes for using spreadsheets, color-coding, and the chromosome browser available through either FamilyTreeDNA or 23andme to find more meaningful matches.

Triangulate to find more meaningful matches using both Family Tree DNA and 23 andMe - Randy Majors shares his method for using spreadsheets to correlate matching chromosome segments with matching surnames with data pulled from both FamilyTreeDNA and 23andme.

Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer (ADSA) - Don Worth just unveiled this awesome new tool to help automate the process of evaluating segment matches. In other words, the tool creates the spreadsheet for you! It currently only works with data downloaded from FamilyTreeDNA.

GedMatch - A DNA Geek's Dream Site - Judy G. Russell explains how to use GedMatch for autosomal DNA, a free tool that allows you to upload your raw data and then compare your results with the results of all other Gedmatch users who've made their results public -- no matter what company they've tested with. You can also choose to view information about selected matches in a chromosome browser, especially nice for individuals who've tested with AncestryDNA which does not offer this facility.

Jeff Snavely's Chrome extension for AncestryDNA downloads of match lists - Jeff Snavely's great tool runs a full scan on your AncestryDNA data and produces a spreadsheet listing each of your matches and each of the ancestors in their trees. Once you find potential matches, contact them to see if they would be willing to upload their data to GedMatch so you can use the free chromosome browser tool to identify the possible matching DNA segments.

X-DNA Inheritance Charts & Unlocking the Genealogical Secrets of the X-Chromosome - Debbie Parker Wayne, CG, and Blaine Bettinger have created these handy charts for determining from which ancestors it is possible to inherit DNA on the x-chromosome. It's not all of them folks!

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