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Tips for Photographing Gravestones
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Techniques for recording cemetery information using cameras and video cameras, including tips for getting great pictures, ideas for video transcriptions and the use of digital photography.

Digital Cemetery Photography
Ways in which digital photography can enhance your cemetery research from George G. Morgan in Along Those Lines...

How to Photograph Headstones & Cemeteries
A collection of useful information from various sources on how to properly document and photograph headstones.

Making Photographic Records of Gravestones
Daniel and Jessie Lie Farber present techniques for photographing tombstones developed over a fifteen year period of photographing more than six thousand gravestones. From the Association for Gravestone Studies.

Recording Cemeteries with Digital Photography
Steve Paul Johnson explains how to use a digital camera to help you record more tombstones in less time.

Tips for Photographing Gravestones
Maureen Taylor provides some tips into taking good gravestone pictures as an alternative to rubbings, which can deteriorate the marker and isn't allowed in some cemeteries.

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