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101 Ways to Research Your Family Tree for Free (56-60)

Free Genealogy Sites 56-60


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56. Archives Office of Tasmania
This wonderful archives site includes a free searchable index to Tasmanian wills and probate records, as well as an index to naturalization applications by non-British subjects for the period 1835-1905. Also included are Tasmanian divorce records, census records, photographs and a Colonial Tasmanian family links database.

57. Utah Census Search
Free genealogy search of Utah federal census indexes for the years 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, are available in this easy-to-use search tool. Especially versatile, the database allows you to search for partial surnames (as few as the first two letters) and across all four census years.

58. My Cinnamon Toast
Serving as a gateway to free genealogy databases and surname sites on the Internet, My Cinnamon Toast specializes in one thing - surname search. Surnames from listed sites are stored in a special field, so that when you search for a surname, you are ONLY searching surnames, not first names, regions, occupations, or anything else. For example, when I search for CRISP, I actually get sites about the surname CRISP, not Web sites talking about "apple crisp" or "crisp toast." Surname searches can also be narrowed down by region, religion, and record type - especially useful when you have a very common surname.

59. Olive Tree Genealogy
With over 1700 free genealogy databases on site, plus links to additional offsite databases, Olive Tree Genealogy can keep you pleasantly occupied for quite a while. Over 1,000 of these free genealogy databases are ship passenger list transcriptions, but there are also free military records, and specialized databases such as Loyalists and Mennonites. There are numerous links on the site to offsite subscription databases as well, but most of these are fairly well-marked, or located in the left and right-hand columns.

60. Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System
Search this free genealogy database for information on 170,000+ Michigan death records from 1867-1884. A project of the Michigan Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics, this free genealogy resource will eventually index death records to 1897.

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