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Vintage Postcards From Around the World
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Learn more about the town, village or country of your ancestors from old picture postcards. This collection of links to vintage postcard sites on the Web may just include scenes from your family history!

America as it Was: A Tour of the USA in Vintage Postcards
A directory of vintage postcard collections of the American Local History Network and USGenWeb Project, historical and genealogical societies, libraries, museums, universities, towns, parks and private collectors.

Colorado Tourism and Postcard Collection
A digitized collection of 400+ historical postcards from the U.S. State of Colorado.

Curt Teich Postcard Archives Best of the Net
This collection of postcards printed by the Curt Teich company from 1898-1978 is the largest in the U.S. The core collection contains over 360,000 cataloged images from the 88 different countries. Research and copies are available in person, by telephone and by mail.

Ebay - Postcard Listings
Search the auctions at Ebay for postcards from your ancestor's hometown. Can't find it now? Then try setting up an ongoing search.

GeneaNet - Pictures of Yesterday
GeneaNet hosts a free searchable database of thousands of user-contributed postcards from around the world. Search for a view of your ancestor's village or add your own historical postcards for viewing or exchange.

Historical Postcards of Singapore
Old postcards depicting places, people and buildings of Singapore from 1875-1925.

Images of France
An online collection of more than 80,000 old postcards of France from the beginning of the 20th century.

Old Chicago in Vintage Postcards
Those of you with ancestors from Chicago, Illinois will be delighted with this beautiful site and its vintage postcard tour of Chicago from years past.

Old Istanbul Postcards
A nice collection of old photos and postcards depicting scenes, buildings, landmarks and towns of Istanbul from 1900 on.

Old Postcards from Brazil
A small, but nice collection of old postcards from Brazil, with a few from Italy as well.

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