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How to Select a Professional Genealogist
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Learn when and how to select a professional, accredited, or certified genealogist including tips on checking their qualifications, making your needs known to them, things you should do to improve your results, and understanding the costs involved.

Hiring a Professional Genealogist
A wonderful research outline from the Family History SourceGuideTM of the LDS church.

Hiring a Professional Genealogist - A Five Part Series
An outstanding series of articles by genealogist Michael John Neill based on his own experience hiring and working with a professional genealogist. The series takes you all the way through the process - from selecting a professional to the final report.

"On The Trail of a Credentialed Genealogist"
Written by Karen Clifford, AG, this is the story of how a professional genealogist uses records to track down a family.

Selecting and Engaging a Professional Researcher
George G. Morgan discusses the ins and outs of hiring a professional genealogist in his weekly column "Along Those Lines..."

So You Are Going to Hire a Professional Genealogist
Wonderful information provided by the Association of Professional Genealogists on finding a professional, evaluating their qualifications, making your needs known, and understanding costs.

Ten Effective Steps to Hiring an Accredited Genealogist
Helpful information for hiring an Accredited Genealogist (AG) from the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists.

What You Should Know
Sue P. Morgan does an excellent job of explaining what you should know before hiring a Professional Genealogist, including the things you need to do to improve your results.

When Do You Need a Professional Genealogist?
An informative article by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, Certified Genealogist.

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