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Family Tree Maker 10 Deluxe

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Family Tree Maker Deluxe 10.0 - Review

Family Tree Maker 10.0 Deluxe

The Bottom Line

Easy to use, yet loaded with features, FTM 10 lives up to its name as the "#1 selling genealogy software program." An excellent choice for people looking to publish their data in a book or on the Web.
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  • Outstanding publishing features
  • Wide variety of trees, charts, and other printouts
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No pedigree view for easy navigation
  • Can't open multiple databases at once
  • Doesn't output to HTML


  • Store all family information in one place - names, dates, photos and even audio and video files.
  • Clickable tabs make it easy to navigate through your family tree.
  • Individual fact cards allow you to quickly enter/edit information from one easy-to-use dialog box.
  • Scan in original documents and attach the images to sources for the ultimate in organization.
  • Create vivid, easy-to-read trees, maps, timelines, and reports in a variety of exciting formats.
  • Customize printouts with drag-and-drop editing, borders, fonts, and colors.
  • Powerful search engine helps search the Internet for your ancestors.
  • Print beautiful Family History books with a choice of customized charts, reports, and photos.
  • Publishing Center allows you to easily create and share Family Books and reports online.
  • Create a free home page to publish and share family data. Can only create on FamilyTreeMaker.com.

Guide Review - Family Tree Maker 10 Deluxe

Family Tree Maker's ease of use, stability, and outstanding publishing features make it an excellent value, sure to please just about everyone but the most advanced researchers. The getting started tutorial and manual are adequate, though I'd prefer more guidance for beginners. The accompanying subscription to World Family Tree claims that you can "add an average of 600 names to your family tree with just one successful search result," but provides no warning about the fact that these trees are unverified and possibly incorrect. Overall, however, Family Tree Maker is an excellent program and arguably the best choice for genealogists looking to easily share their family information in print or online.
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