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The Master Genealogist 6.0

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The Bottom Line

If you like to track and record every last detail and your genealogy research is closing in on obsession, The Master Genealogist (TMG) may be the genealogy software of your dreams. While not the best choice for people who want something simple or don't like to read user manuals, TMG 6.0 is a powerful, flexible and comprehensive program that pretty much does it all.


  • Flexible, customizable interface
  • Imports data directly (without GEDCOM) from most popular genealogy programs
  • Outstanding source documentation options
  • DNA log for recording DNA test results


  • Less intuitive than some genealogy software programs
  • Steep learning curve due to the program's complexity
  • Expensive compared to similar programs


  • Beginner and advanced data entry modes make it easier for novice genealogists to use the software.
  • Fully-customizable display
  • View multiple databases at once, plus drag and drop information between databases.
  • Search/view a combined alphabetical list of individuals from different databases without merging.
  • Import wizard allows for direct import from most genealogy software programs. GEDCOM import also.
  • Easily create and maintain individual or family specific to-do lists and research logs.
  • Large selection of fully customizable charts and reports (Gold version includes a larger selection).
  • Gold version produces large wall charts, HTML Web pages and multimedia slideshows.
  • Extensive source and citation options
  • Publish a family history book with table of contents, footnotes, multiple indexes and bibliography.

Guide Review - The Master Genealogist 6.0

Arguably the best genealogy software program available for fully documenting and evaluating genealogical evidence, The Master Genealogist is a favorite with genealogists who are serious about their data. While many beginners consider it too complicated for their needs, two data entry modes -- beginner and advanced -- make it easy to learn TMG as you go. It's unique GENBRIDGE feature allows direct import from many popular genealogy software programs, and TMG also offers easy export to PDF and many word processing programs. The customizable user interface means that you can choose what you want to see on the screen. New features in TMG v6 include new navigation buttons; Query by Example, which makes it easier to use TMG's powerful search filters; a DNA log for recording test results; new memo fields for witnesses, repositories and citations; new fancy frames for charts; and GenSmarts integration to analyze your research data and provide suggestions for further research.

Fifficult to navigate due to the sheer number of options, TMG has a steeper learning curve than the average genealogy software program. If you like to do things your own way, however, it's worth the time. The many different ways it provides for accomplishing specific tasks will suit almost anyone's methods of entering and outputting family history data. TMG may not be genealogy software for the masses, but it is definitely one of the best choices out there for anyone serious about their genealogy research.

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