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RMS Titanic - History & Genealogy
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History, passenger lists, crew lists, biographies, family trees and other resources for researching the victims and survivors of the White Star ship, Titanic.

Encyclopedia Titanica Best of the Net
This wonderful resource for anyone interested in researching the victims and survivors of the Titanic includes over 2,000 individual passenger and crew biographies, regularly updated passenger and crew listings, burial locations, deck plans and much more.

R.M.S. Titanic, Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions
Interesting tidbits of information on the Titanic including how it got its name, how passengers spent their time and why it is important to recover and conserve artifacts from the Titanic's wreck site.

Titanic Heroes - Officers' Bridge & Wireless Shack
Learn about the lives of the officers and wireless operators aboard the RMS Titanic from these detailed accounts and biographies.

Titanic - Original 1912 Memory Book
Scroll down the page for a complete digitized copy of a book about the Titanic disaster as told by the survivors at the time and published within a few months of the disaster in 1912. Don't miss the chapter full of pictures!

Titanic Stats - Trivial and Not so Trivial Information
Learn all sorts of interesting facts about the "world's greatest passenger liner." Great for embellishing family histories of Titanic passengers.

Titanic - The Official Archive
A complete accounting of the Titanic from its birth through present-day artifact recovery efforts, including passenger and crew lists, biographical information and a historical timeline.

Titanic - The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia, located on the eastern coast of Canada, became the final resting place of many Titanic victims. Learn more about the rescue attempts, read a log of the distress calls, and explore Titanic graves in Halifax.

Titanic Graves of Halifax
History and first-hand accounts of the grim retrieval and burial of the victims from the RMS Titanic.

Transcriptions from the Birmingham Daily Post 1912
Transcriptions of news articles detailing the sinking of the Titanic, the rescue attempts and the death toll.

Wallace Hartley - Bandmaster on the Titanic
A brief biography of Titanic victim Wallace Hartley from Colne, England, plus photos and accounts of his funeral and burial, photos of him with the other Titanic band members, and a four generation family tree.

William McMaster Murdoch
Biographical information on William M. Murdoch, first mate on the Titanic, and his family.

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