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Yearbooks can help you locate an individual, or at least provide clues that lead to other sources. Check out these highschool and college yearbooks, both old and recent, which have been scanned in or transcribed and placed online.

Alexandria VA High School Yearbooks 1919 - 1951
This searchable online database includes the pictures of more than 4,700 students from the senior classes of 1919-1951 at Alexandria High School, George Washington High School and T.C. Williams High School.

Alumni Lists from HighSchool and College Yearbooks
A growing list of highschool and college yearbooks which have been transcribed and placed online. From DistantCousin.com.

American Universities
A huge list of American universities granting bachelor and advanced degrees. A great starting point for searching out alumni contacts and information for people who attended college in the U.S.

Canadian Universities / UniversitÚs Canadiennes
If you're looking for alumni of a Canadian college or university, then this list of Canadian University home pages is a great place to start.

College and University Home Pages
This list compiled by General Education Online links to thousands of college and university Web sites around the world. Many of these schools include some alumni information online.

Darilee's Yearbooks
Darilee, like any true genealogist, likes to collect things. In her case it is yearbooks of which she has over 3200. She has listed them all online and will do lookups if you can provide enough information.

Kansas City Public Library - School Yearbooks
A list of school yearbooks available at the Special Collections Department, Kansas City Public Library.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Searching this online catalog can help you determine the location of some yearbook collections.

Old School Annuals and College Yearbooks
Links to online school yearbooks maintained by Jan Phillips.

San Francisco Yearbooks - Genealogy Lookup Help
A nice list of yearbooks from San Francisco, California owned by individuals who have volunteered to look up names for free.

San JosÚ Public Library - Yearbook Collection
A list of middle school, high school and college yearbooks available in the California Room at the San JosÚ Public Library in San JosÚ, California.

Wagner High School, Clark Air Base, Philippines
Almost all of the yearbooks from Wagner High School have been scanned in and placed online, covering the years 1952 to 1991, when the school was closed.

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