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Researching Your Dutch Ancestors
By Miriam Klaassen
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This article provides a good overview of genealogy research in the Netherlands and is especially useful for researchers living in other countries.

Part I - Civil Registration
The basics of the Civil Registration-system in the Netherlands, a good starting point for your genealogical research in Holland.

Part II - Marriage Certificates
Marriage certificates and the appendices of the certificates are providing you with a lot of information.

Part III - Population Registration
The Population Registration started in 1850 in the Netherlands. It is a kind of ongoing Census system.

Part IV - Online Resources
A guide to online genealogical resources in the English language.

Part V - Dutch Surnames
Dutch surnames can be puzzling. What are the most frequent names, and did everyone have a family name in the past?

Part VI - Dutch First Names
The Dutch first names are confusing for foreigners. Nevertheless some knowledge of the naming patterns can be helpful during your genealogical research.

Part VII - Dutch Peculiarities
If you are starting with genealogical research in the Netherlands, there are a few traps. You are warned! Topics covered: married women, dates, alphabetical ordering, kwartierstaat, strange symbols.

Part VIII - The Dutch Language, Genealogical Basics
The basics of the Dutch language for genealogists. Including the spelling, keywords, a few occupations, months, days and numbers.

Part IX - Church Registers
Church registers are the primary resources for genealogical research before 1811.

Part X - Common Genealogical Abbreviations
A list of the most frequent genealogical abbreviations in Dutch.

Part XI - The Place of Origin
Before you can do research in Dutch resources, you need to find the place of origin of your immigrant ancestors.

Part XII - Without Traveling to the Netherlands...
Possibilities to do research without traveling to the Netherlands.


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