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By Kimberly Powell

Family Origins users have been predicting this for quite some time, but it now appears that Genealogy.com has officially discontinued Family Origins, a popular genealogy software program that has been around since 1991. Emails to registered users of the Family Origins product went out last week stating:

"As a Family Origins owner, you need to know of some changes. We have been licensing Family Origins technology from an outside developer who has chosen not to develop a new version of this product. Because of this decision, we regret that we will be unable to continue support of Family Origins products. Support for your Family Origins product
will end June 30, 2003

Family Origins was written by Bruce Buzbee of FormalSoft, and originally marketed by Parsons Technology. That company, and the Family Origins software contract, was sold several times before ultimately ending up in the hands of Genealogy.com where it was sold for several years, despite the fact that it was a direct competitor for Genealogy.com's flagship product, Family Tree Maker. The rumors of its demise have been floating around for years, due to the apparent lack of marketing of Family Origins on the part of Genealogy.com, therefore their recent decision to discontinue this software comes as little surprise to anyone.

Bruce Buzbee has since written a brand-new genealogy software program, titled RootsMagic which he will sell directly through his company, FormalSoft. RootsMagic shares no code with Family Origins, but includes many of the same features that people liked in Family Origins, plus many additional features. See my review of RootsMagic for more information on this new genealogy software program.

Licensed under an exclusive contract from FormalSoft, Genealogy.com has sole rights to create and distribute the Family Origins genealogy program, so now that they have discontinued it it will no longer be available from any source. FormalSoft will also not be able to sell it, since they were only able to sell the Family Origins software as a reseller with Genealogy.com.


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