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Cleopatra Family Tree - Ancestry of Cleopatra VII
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The Ptolemic Period included several queens in Egypt named Cleopatra, the most famous and influential being Queen Cleopatra VII. One of the most fascinating women in history, Cleopatra was the daughter of Ptolemy XII (Ptolemy Auletes) and Cleopatra V. During her lifetime, Cleopatra served as the last pharaoh of Egypt, spoke nine languages, married two of her own brothers (as was custom in the royal family), won a Civil War against her brother, Ptolemy XIII, was mistress to and fathered a son (Caesarion, Ptolemy XIV) with Julius Caesar, and met and married her love, Mark Antony. Cleopatra’s reign ended with her suicide, at the age of 39, after she and Antony were defeated by Octavian, Caesar’s heir, at the Battle of Actium. It is believed that she chose the bite from a Egyptian cobra snake (asp) as the means of her death to insure her immortality as a goddess.

Cleopatra Family Tree

Philip II of Macedon
b: 382 BC in Macedonia
d: 336 BC in Macedonia
Ptolemy I
b: 376 BC in Macedonia
d: 282 BC in Egypt
Ptolemy II
b: in Egypt
d: 246 BC in Egypt
Berenice I
Previous generation  
Ptolemy III
b: 276 BC in Egypt
d: 222 BC in Egypt
Lysimachus of Thrace
Arsinoe I of Thrace
b: in Thrace
d: in Egypt


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