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Generations Family Tree
Generations Grande Suite 8.0 - Product Review

Grande Suite 8.0, Liberty Edition & Deluxe DVD
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Pros  •  outstanding charting and reporting capabilities
•  bundled software provides excellent value
•  90-day money-back guarantee
Cons  •  Sierra no longer supports this program
•  GEDCOM import makes switching from other programs awkward
•  CD bundles of little use to people with non-US ancestry
The Bottom Line - Generations Family Tree is a good choice for beginners and for researchers looking for a bundled software value. The user-friendly Easy Tree software and outstanding charting capabilities alone are worth the price - especially as most vendors are currently selling this software at a discount. The future of the Generations software line is uncertain, however, as Sierra Home looks for a buyer.
Key Features
•  Setup is a breeze with the step-by-step multimedia tutorial and easy-to-read user manual
•  Quickly import files from other genealogy programs via GEDCOM
•  A wider variety of reports and custom lists than most other family tree software programs
•  Drag and drop editing makes it easy to rearrange entries in your family tree
•  Include photos, documents, captions and more in your charts and reports.
•  Add audio and video clips into your family chart.
•  Easy-to-use source documentation capabilities are great for beginners and adequate for more advanced researchers
•  Virtual 3D Tree feature lets you view your family tree (along with photos, notations, and even sound and video files) in a cool 3D environment.
•  Beautiful charting capabilities include timelines, enhanced hourglass charts and full-size wall charts.
•  Generations Grande Suite 8.0 includes the Generations genealogy software, plus Snapshot Express, iCollect, Mastercook Heritage Edition and the book Netting Your Ancestors, by Cyndi Howells.
•  Generations Grande Suite 8.0 includes thirty-one CDs containing digital images of every page from surviving 1800 U.S. census records, as well as the Social Security Death Index, Generations World Name Index (350 Million Names) and many digitized U.S. military records.
•  Generations Liberty Edition includes the book In Search of Your European Roots, as well as 21 CDs including immigration records, Civil War muster records and Snapshot Express, a photo restoration & document enhancement software program.
•  Generations Deluxe DVD Edition contains a free 3-billion name search from a professional genealogist, multimedia tutorials on genealogy research, one free year in the Heritage Quest Research Club, Web page creation tools and a Create-a-Family CD wizard all on one convenient DVD.
Guide Review
Easy to Use, Yet Comprehensive
Are you a beginner looking for an easy-to-use program that walks you through your family tree step-by-step? Or a family history enthusiast who loves to print beautiful graphical family tree charts as gifts or for family reunions? If so, then the Generations line of genealogy software from Sierra Home is the choice for you. The jewel in the Generations software line, Generations Grande Suite offers four complete programs in one box: Generations 8.0 with an impressive range of genealogy tools; Snapshot Express for touching up scans of old photos; Mastercook Heritage Edition for preserving treasured family recipes; and iCollect, which helps you to organize and save Web sites for reading offline. What else does the Grand Suite Version 8.0 offer? The 31 CD set provides access to over 350 million names in the Generations World Name Index, plus census, birth, marriage, land, military, social security and pension records. Thirteen of the 31 CDs contain digital images of the entire 1800 US Census - arguably the best part of the package.

Any of the programs in the Generations line are a great choice for anyone just getting started with their family tree and will keep most intermediate genealogists happy as well. Researchers looking for advanced source documentation options or who want a program primarily for publishing a family history book or Web site will find themselves disappointed. If you're looking for a value, the programs and genealogy research CDs included in the Grande Suite 8.0 package are worth far more than the price tag, especially for U.S. researchers. Most of the bundled software in other versions (including the Liberty Edition) are a bit of a disappointment, however. There are rumors of several companies being interested in purchasing the rights to continue development of Generations Family Tree, but I hesitate to fully recommend this program until it is clear that Sierra has found such a buyer.

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