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In addition to genealogy directories, there are also genealogy specific search engines. These work in the same way as the regular search engines, except that they allow you to search just on genealogical sites. This eliminates the non-genealogy sites that would normally come up in your search results because something on one of the pages matches your search criteria. Genealogy-specific search engines allow you to look for only those sites which pertain to genealogy and family history.

Keep in mind that when you use genealogy-specific search engines, you will not need to use words like genealogy in your search terms.  These sites, by their very nature, are about genealogy, and using such words as search terms will not help to focus your results.

Several good genealogy-specific search engines include:

bullet  Genealogy Search
bullet  I Found It!
bullet  Internet Family Finder
bullet  Genealogy Portal
bullet  GenSearch
bullet  Surname Finder

These search engines are all excellent reference tools for finding family history Web pages, but they are only as good as the pages that are submitted to them.  For each Web site which they contain, there are many, many more genealogy related pages that they do not have indexed.  So how do you find those pages?  This is where learning to use the standard search engines effectively comes in.

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