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Search Strategies

Once you select a place, an event and a time period, Research Guidance automatically takes you to the Search Strategy screen.  On this screen you will see three tabs with the Search Strategy tab open on top.  

Each of these tabs fulfill a very important purpose:

  • Historical Background
    A list of important events in the history of your research location which affected political boundaries, record keeping and family movements.

  • For Beginners
    Includes ideas and guides to help you get started in genealogy research including information on how to begin, stay organized, find an ancestor and use a map.

  • Search Strategy
    A list of research strategies and records for the place and time you selected in the order that expert genealogists at the Family History Library would use them.

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How Do I Use These Tabs?

  1. Click on the tab of your choice to see a detailed list of activities and/or records that apply to your research goal and the time/place in which you are interested.

  2. Select any of the recommended activities or records to view a description of the records and guidance on what you can do with them. It is usually best to work through these in the order in which they are provided.

  3. Select one of the four tabs which appears, depending upon your research needs. The Search Strategy tab is especially useful, as it takes you to a Step-by-Step Research Guide for each of the listed records.


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