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Sources in the Family History Library Catalog 

This section of Research Guidance lists the records available in the Family History Library Catalog that may contain genealogical information to help you find your ancestor. Each record listing is accompanied by a brief description and research notes, as well as the call numbers to help you locate the record. 

The tabs on this screen are organized by locality with the country on the left, moving down through jurisdictions and ending with the  city or town on the right hand tab. The tabs shown will be appropriate for the place that you selected (i.e. states for the United States, duchies for Germany, and departments for France). To ensure the greatest chance of success, you will want to review the available records for each place level, as they often vary.

Once you have selected the place tab you will be presented with a list of records. At the top of the page are links to some very helpful guides to genealogical research in your selected location and type of record. In our North Carolina example, the Marriage Guide provides such helpful information as the necessary steps for locating a marriage record, sources for marriage records in North Carolina including Web sites and contact addresses for government resources, and tips on analyzing the marriage record once it is found.

The next item on the page is a list of recommended records which are set off by stars. These are records which are recommended by experts at the Family History Library as the best for your search so you should explore them first.

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How Do I Use These Records?

The first step is to select a record which looks promising by clicking on the title. A screen appears with three tabs and a list of records. The tabs provide easy access to various information about the record you have selected. 

Film/Call Numbers
A list of all of the microfilm, fiche, or other individual records available in this collection along with the Family History Library Catalog number and the area where the film is located. Some records are kept in the Family History Library proper, while others are kept in the vault. Both types may be requested through your local Family History Center.

Basic bibliographic information on the record including title, author, format, language, publisher, and a physical description.

Notes the microfilmer or cataloger made about this record. This section often includes tips and information about possible missing information in the record.

To best utilize your precious research time, it is a good idea to do your research in the Family History Library Catalog through this Research Guidance tool before visiting your local Family History Center. Print out any pages which may be useful to your research such as a list of records you want to request, any step-by-step guides that you want to use, etc.

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