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Ancestors Season 2
It's Better Than the Original!


Ancestors, the popular family history series which first aired on PBS in 1997, is back for a second season and is better than ever! A special preview showing was offered last night for attendees at the National Genealogical Conference in the States in Providence, RI, and enthusiasm for the new show was very high. After watching two of the episodes I have to say that I am very impressed. The show strikes a nice balance between teaching people how to conduct genealogy research and weaving a story of people's interest and pride in their family heritage. Each episode tells the true story of amazing luck, unexpected kindness, or unusual serendipity encountered by an individual as they pursue their family history. The love and passion for genealogy that is evident in each of the show's participants, from the genealogical experts, to the individuals and families sharing their poignant journeys, will draw you into the story and have you eagerly awaiting the happy ending.

The thirteen episodes in this series are each basic enough to give people who may never have thought about their family history before a good understanding of some of the basic principles of genealogy research. Even people who have been researching their family's history for some time, however, will learn of records in which they may not previously have thought to look. Records were generated by our ancestors when they wrote a will, got married, served in the military, applied for citizenship, or began a new job, and many of these records still exist.  

ancestors genealogy genlogy geneaology geneology ancestry family treeThis fascinating world of family history records is what the second season of Ancestors is all about. It provides insight into where you can find the records of your ancestors and how to know if the records even exist. Clues can be found in libraries, archives, computer databases, courthouses, cemeteries, antique stores, and many other places that you may never even have considered. Each photo, gravestone, or record that you find is a window to the past. Ancestors will show you what seasoned genealogists have always known - that when we are fortunate enough to find records about our ancestors, we find more than just old pieces of paper with names and dates. We find the joy of a wedding day, the hardships of an ocean voyage, the loss of loved ones, and a sense of our ancestor's place in history. In short, we find the hopes and dreams of those whose lives had everything to do with who we are, how we look, where we live, and what we value most. And that's what family history research is all about.

In addition to the thirteen television episodes, the series includes:


Ancestors Companion Web site which includes local broadcast dates and times, video clips, online family history courses, links to other genealogy-related sites, helpful research tips, free charts, an online teacher's guide, and much more.

Ancestors: The Research Process
, a video for use in teaching or to enhance personal research skills. Twenty-six segments model the five key research steps that successful family historians follow.

ANCESTORS: A Guide to Discovery - Key Principles and Processes of Family History Research
, by Jim Tyrrell, published by Ancestral Quest, Inc., helps users understand and apply the principles of the research process. Includes extensive illustrations, expert commentary, a resource guide, and reproducible forms and activities.

In Search of Our Ancestors: 101 Inspiring Stories of Serendipity and Connection in Rediscovering Our Family History
, by Megan Smolenyak, published by Adams Media Corporation, tells the true stories of amazing luck, unexpected kindness and unusual serendipity encountered by individuals as they pursue their family history.


Overview of the Thirteen Episodes

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