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Tips and Advice from Photo Restoration Expert, David L. Mishkin
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Part 1: Extend the Life of Your Photos
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"Where are your precious family photos? Stored in safe acid-free albums? In a safe-deposit box at the bank? Or jumbled together in old shoe boxes?"

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Safe photo storage isn't everything. You also need to identify your photos, organize them and repair damage which has already been done. Plus great advice on preserving your family videos!

Photo Albums - Care and Preservation
Learn about the types of old photo albums, how to safely remove photos from dangerous albums and how to save and preserve the photos from deterioration.

Tips for Organizing Your Family Photos
Great ideas for organizing those shoeboxes full of photos, including your current family photographs and the precious but odd-size photos of your ancestors.

Preserving Your Precious Family Videos
Did you know that video tape only has a lifespan of about 20 years? And, unlike photos, it doesn't just fade as it deteriorates - the images actually start to disappear. Learn how to save those precious family movies for posterity. 

Preservation of Color Photographs
The lifespan of color photos is about a third of that of black-and-white, but there are still times when color is best. Learn about the pros and cons of color photos and check out tips for prolonging their life.

Your Family Photographs
A wonderful introduction to
identifying, preserving and protecting precious family pictures for future generations. Includes a great explanation of the various types of photos you will find and how to identify them.


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