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Catholicism and the Catholic Church (Articles and Resources)
Learn more about Catholicism and deepen your understanding of Christian life within the Catholic Church.
Catholicism 101: An Introduction to the Catholic Church
Learn about the basic beliefs and practices of Catholicism.
Catholicism Basics - Prayers & Practices - About.com
The Basics of Catholicism. Learn about the basics of the Catholic Faith. What does the Catholic Church teach about the Trinity, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ,  ...
Roman Catholicism - Agnosticism/Atheism - About.com
Glossary of Religion and Philosophy - Roman Catholicism.
Catholicism - Christian Teens - About.com
What do Catholics believe? How does their faith differ from other Christian denominations? Here is some basic information to help you understand Catholicism ...
Definition of Prayer in Roman Catholicism - About.com
Prayer is a form of communication, a way of talking to God or to the saints.
Reader Stories: Why I Converted to Catholicism
Are you a convert to Catholicism? Please share your conversion story with the other readers of the About.com GuideSite to Catholicism. Your story may help and ...
Seasons and Holidays in Catholicism
Explore the richness of Catholicism through the history of the Church's feasts and seasons, and learn more about the saints through celebrating their feast days.
Questions About Catholicism - About.com
Do you have a question about Catholicism that you would like answered? Submit it here.
Catholicism - By Category
... Christmas to Epiphany, from Lent through Easter to Pentecost. Explore the richness of Catholicism through the history of the Church's feasts and seasons.
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