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Catholicism and the Catholic Church (Articles and Resources)
Should the age of First Communion be raised because too few Catholics go to Confession? About Catholicism's Novena of the Week. Every week, find a new ...
Catholicism 101: An Introduction to the Catholic Church
Learn about the basic beliefs and practices of Catholicism.
Catholicism Basics - Prayers & Practices - About.com
Discover basic Catholic prayers and practices, and begin to learn more about Catholicism! Catholic Dictionary, A-M; Catholic Dictionary, N-Z; Catholicism by the ...
Questions About Catholics - Are Catholics Christians? - Christianity
Not everyone believes that Catholics are Christians, as seen in this note from a reader upset by the Catholic resources provided on my Christian denominations  ...
Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween? - Catholicism - About.com
A Controversial Holiday. Every year, a debate rages among Catholics and other Christians: Is Halloween a satanic holiday or merely a secular one? Should ...
Reader Stories: Why I Converted to Catholicism
Are you a convert to Catholicism? Please share your conversion story with the other readers of the About.com GuideSite to Catholicism. Your story may help and ...
Catholicism - Christian Teens - About.com
What do Catholics believe? How does their faith differ from other Christian denominations? Here is some basic information to help you understand Catholicism ...
Comparing the Beliefs of Catholicism With Protestantism - Christianity
Continue this overview of the Roman Catholic Church by comparing the distinguishing beliefs of Catholicism with Protestantism. Page 2.
Scott P. Richert - Catholicism Guide Bio - About.com
Scott P. Richert, the executive editor of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, is your About.com guide to Catholicism. Join him in exploring the history,  ...
Roman Catholic Church Denomination - Christianity - About.com
Although many (including Catholics) claim that the Apostle Peter was the first Pope, some historians give this title to the Roman Bishop Leo I (440-461). He was ...
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