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Cemetery Records - Genealogy Research in Cemeteries - How to ...
Plus, learn how to do a tombstone rubbing, use GPS to locate family cemeteries, clean and maintain cemeteries, interpret the meaning of icons and symbols on ...
Discovering Your Ancestors in Cemeteries - Genealogy - About.com
Cemeteries are living lessons in history, with a wealth of information to share about the people who are buried within. Learn how to find a cemetery, record the  ...
Haunted Cemeteries & Ghostly Graveyards - Genealogy - About.com
Haunted cemeteries in the United States and around the world. Discover haunted gravestones, ghostly spirits, and ominous precursors of doom in some of the ...
Cemeteries in Queens - New York City's Cemetery Land - Queens, NY
Cemeteries in Queens occupy the high ground in many neighborhoods. Here's a list of all the cemeteries in Queens, New York.
Dead in Dublin - the Cemeteries of Ireland's Capital - Ireland Travel
Dublin has a large number of cemeteries - but which stand out from the usual and mundane? Here are my top picks for visitors to the Irish capital.
New Orleans Cemeteries, Cities of the Dead - Cemeteries in New ...
Cities of the Dead, the story of the cemeteries of New Orleans.
Cemeteries and Mausoleums in Queens, New York - Queens, NY
Resources and articles on cemeteries and mausoleums in the New York City borough of Queens.
Graves of Greece - Greece Travel - About.com
Visiting graves in Greece - find cemeteries, monuments, and memorials for the dead in Greece.
Linearbandkeramik Culture - The First Farmers of Europe
LBK cemeteries are found a short distance away from the villages, and in general are marked by single flexed burials accompanied by grave goods. However ...
Famous Graves San Francisco - Famous Cemeteries San Francisco
Where to location famous graves in the San Francisco Bay Area. Because most of San Francisco's cemeteries were moved out of the city in the 20th century, the  ...
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