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Haunted Cemeteries & Ghostly Graveyards - Genealogy - About.com
Haunted cemeteries in the United States and around the world. Discover haunted gravestones, ghostly spirits, and ominous precursors of doom in some of the ...
Cemetery Research for Genealogists - Discovering Your Ancestors ...
Cemeteries are living lessons in history, with a wealth of information to share about the people who are buried within. Learn how to find a cemetery, record the  ...
Cemetery Records - Genealogy Research in Cemeteries - How to ...
Search for your ancestors in free cemetery and obituary listings. Plus, learn how to do a tombstone rubbing, use GPS to locate family cemeteries, clean and ...
New Orleans Cemeteries, Cities of the Dead - Cemeteries in New ...
Cities of the Dead, the story of the cemeteries of New Orleans.
Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans - History - New Orleans Travel
Lafayette Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city. If you are a movie buff, parts may seem familiar to you, as this is a favorite scene in many movies ...
New Orleans Cemetery Tours - New Orleans Travel - About.com
Take a New Orleans Cemetery Tour. The above-ground New Orleans cemeteries are a fascinating result of the Latin influences that infuse New Orleans' ...
St. Roch Cemetery in New Orleans - New Orleans Travel - About.com
A short history and information about St. Roch Cemetery.
St. Louis Cemetery Number 3 in New Orleans - New Orleans Travel
St. Louis Cemetery Number 3 is the most accessible of the St. Louis Cemetery group, and the easiest to get to by car, taxi, or bus. It is located at 3421 Esplanade ...
Cemeteries in Queens - New York City's Cemetery Land - Queens, NY
Cemeteries in Queens occupy the high ground in many neighborhoods. Here's a list of all the cemeteries in Queens, New York.
Ask the Reform Rabbi - Jewish Burial in a Christian Cemetery
Question: Can a Jew be buried in a Christian cemetery? My wife's family has used a small, rural graveyard affiliated with the Episcopal Church for the last 150  ...
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