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Orphan Photos & Rescued Family Memorabilia - Genealogy - About ...
Reunite with family photos and memorabilia that have been found by others in attics, ... including photos, bibles, letters, postcards and genealogical documents.
Photos, Scrapbooking & Family Memorabilia - About Genealogy
Review of Capturing Memories: Your Family Story in Photographs by genealogist and photograph expert Maureen Taylor. Chock full of photography tips from ...
Exchanging & Sharing Family Photos - Genealogy - About.com
Tracking down those interesting family photos and convincing the family ... About. com's Genealogy Guide since 2000, is a professional genealogist and the ...
Dating Old Photographs - About Genealogy Tips
Old photographs can provide a variety of clues to lead you to names, dates and places.
Heritage Preservation - Preserving Photos, Documents ... - Genealogy
Learn how to preserve and/or restore old photos, papers, albums, and scrapbooks including tips, techniques, resources, societies, and supplies. Fun ideas and ...
Label Your Digital Photos - Genealogy Tip of the Day - About ...
Tips for organizing and labeling your digital photo collection.
Top 5 Digital Photo Sharing Services - Genealogy - About.com
Online photo sharing is getting easier every day, and many services offer an amazing number of options for free. You can batch upload your old family photos,  ...
Saving & Storing Digital Photos - Genealogy - About.com
The best file type for scanning and saving archival photos is TIF (Tagged Image Format), the undisputed leader when best quality is required. The popular JPG ...
Identifying Old Photos - How to Identify the Time Period ... - Genealogy
Learn how to identify old photographs, including tips for dating the time period and identifying the people, faces and places pictured in the photo.
5 Steps for Identifying People in Old Family Photographs - Genealogy
Solving the mystery faces and places in your old family photographs requires knowledge of your family history, combined with good old fashioned detective work ...
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