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Orphan Photos & Rescued Family Memorabilia - Genealogy - About ...
Free genealogy database of vintage photographs includes photos submitted by visitors, as well as those found in antique stores and flea markets, or on eBay.
Photos, Scrapbooking & Family Memorabilia - About Genealogy
Learn how to date old family photographs, preserve treasured photos and documents and create wonderful heritage scrapbooks. Plus, links to online photo  ...
Exchanging & Sharing Family Photos - Genealogy - About.com
Each member of your family probably has an interesting photo or two...those one- of-a-kind prints of your great-grandparent's wedding or the old homestead.
Heritage Preservation - Preserving Photos, Documents ... - Genealogy
Learn how to preserve and/or restore old photos, papers, albums, and scrapbooks including tips, techniques, resources, societies, and supplies. Fun ideas and ...
How to Create a Heritage Scrapbook - Family History ... - Genealogy
The perfect place to showcase and protect your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories, a heritage scrapbook album is wonderful way to document ...
Dating Old Photographs - About Genealogy Tips
Old photographs can provide a variety of clues to lead you to names, dates and places.
5 Steps for Identifying People in Old Family Photographs - Genealogy
Solving the mystery faces and places in your old family photographs requires knowledge of your family history, combined with good old fashioned detective work ...
Archival Supplies & Storage - Genealogy - About.com
Find high quality archival storage and presentation materials for preserving photos, documents, artifacts and other materials.
Identifying Old Photos - How to Identify the Time Period ... - Genealogy
Learn how to identify old photographs, including tips for dating the time period and identifying the people, faces and places pictured in the photo.
Saving & Storing Digital Photos - Genealogy - About.com
The best file type for scanning and saving archival photos is TIF (Tagged Image Format), the undisputed leader when best quality is required. The popular JPG ...
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