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Tombstone Symbolism - Genealogy - About.com
Tombstone Symbolism and Iconography Guide picks. Learn the meanings of the various carvings, symbols, icons and other funerary art found on gravestones, ...
Draped Urn - Gallery of Cemetery Symbolism - Genealogy - About.com
This draped urn was popular in the late Victorian period. Learn more about tombstones decorated with this symbol in this photo gallery of common tombstone ...
Iconography in Greek Religion - Agnosticism/Atheism - About.com
Iconography in Greek Religion. Ancient Greek Mythology, Religion, Art. Back to Last Page | Rituals and Festivals of Ancient Greek Religion . Geometric Style ...
The Meaning of Mudras in Buddhist Art and Iconography - Buddhism
Buddhas and bodhisattvas often are depicted in Buddhist art with stylized hand gestures called mudras. The word "mudra" is Sanskrit for "seal" or "sign," and ...
Buddhist Symbols and Iconography -- Glossary of ... - Buddhism
Glossary of symbols, creatures and sacred beings from Buddhist art and scriptures.
Harvest Festival for Demeter: Images of Ancient Greek Mythology ...
Most of the iconography of Demeter depicts her as a mature woman, usually sitting and smiling, often with corn or wheat. It's not unusual to see her with a torch, ...
How To Write an Art History Paper for HS or College
Ideas for units of information or topics: appearance, medium and technique, narrative, iconography, history, artist's biography, patronage, etc. - whatever will help ...
The Magical Art of Mark Podwal - Special Exhibition Review
Mark Podwal is a Jewish iconography guru whose recent exhibition, Jewish Magic, provided a much-needed lesson in Jewish law (Halacha), Jewish customs  ...
Mycenae Burial Circle: Mythology, Religion, Art in Ancient Mycenae
At a second grave circle, identified as Gave Circle A, archaeologists have located the figure of a naked goddess surrounded by birds. This sort of iconography is ...
Studies in Mithraism - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
In support of this he points out that all the figures represented in the iconography have a place in the constellations (Taurus, Canis Minor, Hydra, Corvus, and ...
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