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Christian Wedding Traditions and Customs - Christianity - About.com
Learn the biblical significance of today's wedding traditions and customs to make your Christian wedding ceremony more meaningful and memorable.
Sikh Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Customs
Are you wondering about Sikh matrimonial customs, Find out all about the Anand Karaj, the Sikh marriage ceremony and Lavan wedding hymns, Sikh ...
Old Bulgarian Wedding Customs
Weddings are cause for great celebration throughout Eastern Europe. Discover how Bulgaria celebrates this most special of occasions.
Chinese Wedding Traditions – Engagement - Chinese Culture
Learn about Chinese wedding traditions including engagement, betrothal gifts, and bridal dowry.
Old Hungarian Wedding Traditions and Customs
Weddings are cause for great celebration throughout Eastern Europe. Discover how Hungary celebrates this most special of occasions.
Old Polish Engagment and Wedding Customs
In Poland, the zareczny or engagement was as binding as the marriage itself. Before family and friends, the custom was to tie together the hands of the couple  ...
Bengali Wedding Rituals - Hinduism
A typical Bengali marriage ceremony is an elaborate affair that entails a series of colorful ceremony of rituals, which are not only enjoyable but are of great ...
Polish-American Wedding Traditions in the 1950s
These are memories of Polish-American wedding traditions in the Midwest during the 1950s and 1960s.
Russian Wedding Traditions
Russian brides and grooms celebrate their wedding day much like romantic couples the world over although they do have certain traditions unique to their ...
Christian Wedding Ceremony - Christianity - About.com
Here we will explore the Christian wedding ceremony and its importance in the lives of believers. Find an explanation of each element in a Christian wedding ...
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