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Finding People - Lost Family and Friends
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Resources for locating lost family members and friends including tips, bulletin boards, government records, military resources, phone numbers, email addresses, postal mailing addresses, and more.

People Search Online - Strategies for Finding Living People
Search strategies, tips, and databases for finding former classmates, old friends, military buddies, birth parents, and lost relatives.

Top Five People Search Books
In today's information age it is easier to find missing people than ever before. Learn the ropes with these five books full of public record sources, tips for Internet searches, charts for organizing your search and much more.

City and Household Directories
One of the most valuable sources for locating people, city directories provide important information such as full name, address, name of spouse, employment and names of individuals living at the same address.

Phone Directories on the Web
Find phone numbers for missing friends and relatives, courthouses, record offices and more around the world with these Internet phone search and directory sites.

Yearbooks, Reunion Lists and Alumni
Yearbooks can help you locate an individual, or at least provide clues that lead to other sources. Check out these highschool and college yearbooks, both old and recent, which have been scanned in or transcribed and placed online.

Birth, Death & Marriage Records
Birth, death, and marriage certificates can offer excellent clues when tracing the whereabouts of living people. Don't miss these online resources for vital records around the world as well as instructions, addresses, Web sites, etc. for obtaining copies of certificates.

Adoption Search Series
Begin your search for your birth parents or birth child with this step-by-step "how to search" series from Adoption Guide Nancy Ashe.

With alumni from over 30,000 highschools in the United States and Canada as well as American schools overseas.  Free registration and active alumni boards.

Discreet Research, Inc.
A public records information service. Information reports come from many electronic public record filings, databases, public record vendors, court records, state repository databases, etc.

Finding People Worldwide
Some excellent advice from Web Search guru, Chris Sherman.

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