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Genealogy Software Guide

By Kimberly Powell, your Guide to Genealogy

With more than 40 family tree software programs currently available, selection of the "right one" can be a daunting task. Whether it is your first purchase or you are looking for a replacement for your existing genealogy software, get help deciding what you need, and which genealogy software program will best help fulfill those needs.

  1. Selecting Genealogy Software
  2. Genealogy Software & Utilities

Selecting Genealogy Software

Which genealogy software is best? It really depends upon what you want it to do. Learn about the major features of popular family tree software programs so that you can best decide what will meet your needs. Plus, read reviews and ratings for most of the popular genealogy software programs available on the market today. Includes free genealogy software too!

Genealogy Software & Utilities

Genealogy software for building family trees comes in plenty of shapes and sizes. Explore the options available for both Windows and Mac, as well as genealogy software for handhelds. Plus, specialized genealogy software utilities and software that meet needs such as deed mapping, organizing, family tree chart creation and family reunion planning.

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