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Research your ancestors in Africa with these African family tree resources including free genealogy databases, cemetery transcriptions, historical timelines, tutorials, genealogical societies, maps, royal families, and African surnames.
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African Timelines
Trace Africa's history from its beginnings to the present day, including articles on Africa's rich cultural heritage such as the oral tradition of storytelling.

Dictionary - Afrikaans to English
Need help understanding African genealogy Web pages or documents? Try this free online dictionary for word translation from Afrikaans to English and from English to Afrikaans.

Ethnologue: Africa
Outlines the various languages currently used in each African country, where in Africa they are geographically spoken, and by how many people they are used.

Maps of Africa
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas-Austin hosts a collection of online maps that are useful for genealogical research including political and historical maps of Africa as a whole, as well as most of the individual countries on the continent.

Primary Sources
Repositories for collections of manuscripts, rare books, photographs, and other primary resources.

Royal Genealogies of Africa
Genealogical Gleanings links to genealogies for many African royal families.

A free newsgroup focusing on genealogy for those who have African ancestors.

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