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Autobiography - Writing Your Life Story

Preserve your own life story and life history for future generations with these tips and tools for writing your own autobiography. Includes autobiography questions to get your words flowing, and free Web space for writing your autobiography online.
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Top 10 Legacy Journals for Collecting Your Memories
Life journals are books filled with thought-provoking questions to walk you through the process of recording precious memories. Great for family members, or for organizing and writing down your own life story!

This questionnaire-based biography writing service walks you through writing your autobiography or life story question by question - no blank page to face! The membership-based service offers a variety of different subscription options.

Life Bio
LifeBio's 250 thought-provoking life story questions and Web templates will show you how to write an autobiography to record and remember what matters most. The autobiography or biography can then be kept online, printed out in PDF format, or turned into a LifeBio book (for an extra fee). LifeBio charges a one-time subscription fee.

Life Story Writing Network
This collection of serious and witty family life stories provides inspiration for anyone contemplating writing their own life story.

The Remembering Site
Write and publish your life story, memories, experiences or autobiography with the help of The Remembering Site. The non-profit organization charges a one-time subscription fee to cover costs associated with running the ad-free site, and offers over one thousand evocative, story-telling questions to lead you through the life story writing process.

Web Biographies.com
Free space for posting your autobiography or biographies online, including templates for chapters on family, friends, education, travel, love, work and growing up. Any part of your biography or autobiography can be password-protected. Learn more...

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