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Top 10 Genealogy Mistakes to Avoid


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Don't Forget Your Living Relatives
Genealogy can be a very fascinating and addictive hobby. Each step that you take in researching your family's history can lead you to new ancestors, delightful stories and a real sense of your place in history. If you are new to genealogy research, however, there are ten key mistakes that you will want to avoid in order to make your search a successful and pleasant experience.

Don't Forget Your Living Relatives

If only.... is a lament that you so often hear from genealogists who regret having put off visits with elderly relatives who have since passed away. Family members are a genealogists most important source, and often the only source for the stories which bring our family history to life. Visiting with and talking to your relatives should be at the top of every genealogists "to-do" list. If you just can't get in a visit right now then try writing to your relative with a list of questions, send them a memory book to fill with their stories, or get a relative or friend who lives nearby to visit with them and ask them questions. You will find that most relatives are eager to have their memories recorded for posterity if given the proper encouragement. Please don't end up as one of the 'if onlys'...

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