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Hope Cemetery - Barre, Vermont


More granite tombstones are produced in the small town of Barre, Vermont, than almost anywhere else in the world. Why, you might ask? Because Barre (pronounced "berry") is home to world-famous Barre Gray granite, mined from local quarries in huge, flawless blocks and shipped around the world. All of that beautiful granite attracted expert cutters and carvers from all over Europe around the turn of the 20th century, and a booming business was begun that continues to this day.

The 85-acre Hope Cemetery in Barre, opened in 1895, stands as a memorial to the masterwork of the Barre granite carvers. Aside from the usual angels and crosses, grave markers include an full-size armchair, an oversize soccer ball, a biplane, a race car, and a huge cube balanced on one corner. The variety of symbols and sculptures is astounding, although there is one part of Hope Cemetery that is eerily uniform - every one of the 10,000 plus graves is made of the same Barre Gray granite.

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hope cemetery barre vermont photos hope cemetery pictures photo gallery tombstones gravestones Hope Cemetery Entrancelaffargo flowers monument hope cemetery barre vermont photosLaffargo Hands & Flowersjoey laquerre jr tombstone race car hope cemetery barre vermont racecar replica gravestoneLaquerre Race Carceltic cross photos picture celtic cross knot hope cemetery barre vermont tombstone photosOrnate Celtic Cross
brusa gravestone monument hope cemetery barre vermontBrusa Grave Markermartel cube tombstone hope cemetery barre vermont gravestoneMartel Cubepeduzzi piro granite flowers carving hope cemetery barre vermontPeduzzi Piro Markersmith thwing bench gravestone marker monument hope cemetery barre vermontSmith-Thwing Bench
aurelio marchesi infant bust hope cemetery tombstone photos barre vermontAurelio Marchesi - Infantcumming tomb vault hope cemetery barre vermontCumming Tombflowers tombstone symbol carved flowers hope cemetery barre vermont lucien bilodeauLucien Bildoeauelia corti memorial tombstone granite carver barre vermont hope cemeteryElia Corti Memorial
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