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Tablet Style Tombstones


Tablet tombstones are the most common style of headstone found in older cemeteries. The tablet tombstone marker includes many variations on the basic rectangular shaped headstone. They are generally moderate in size, averaging 80 to 100 centimeters in height. They also aren't very thick, with an average thickness of 8 to 20 centimeters. The tablet style tombstone is generally set directly into the ground, although it may be found set atop another structure, such as a ground ledger.
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Photo of a basic rectangular tablet headstone in Lamoille View Cemetery, Johnson, VTBasic Tablet Style TombstoneDomed tablet tombstone in Fort Ann Cemetery, Fort Ann, New YorkDomed Tablet HeadstonePhoto of a shouldered tombstone tablet marker in Belvidere Center Cemetery, Lamoille, VTShouldered Tombstone TabletPhoto example of a shouldered tablet style tombstone in Malta Ridge Cemetery, Saratoga County, NYShouldered Tablet Tombstone with Scalloped Top
Photo example of a tablet style gothic gravestone in Johnson, Lamoille County, VermontShouldered Tablet Tombstone with Gothic InfluenceA gothic arch adorns the top of this tablet tombstone in Merrill Cemetery, VTGothic Style Tablet TombstonePhoto example of a pediment style tablet gravestone in Johnson, Lamoille County, VermontPediment TabletPhoto example of a gothic style tablet tombstone in Malta Ridge Cemetery, Malta, New YorkRustic Style Tablet Tombstone
Photo example of a rock wall style rustic tablet tombstone in Allegheny Cemetery near PittsburghRustic Rock Wall Tombstone
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