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Genealogy for Children

Learn how to interest children in genealogy and their past with these projects, suggestions and ideas for making genealogy fun. Includes resources for students working on school family history projects and lesson plans for teachers wanting to introduce genealogy into the classroom.

Family Tree Lesson Plans - Free & Online
Move beyond surname meanings, and navigate the complications of today's many complicated families. These genealogy lesson plans will help bring history, geography and even science to life while students explore their own family roots.

Children & Genealogy - Teaching Your Children to be Ancestor Detectors
Include your children in your genealogy hobby and teach them a love for learning about their past with these tips for turning genealogy research into a detective game. Includes genealogy projects geared to interest kids.

Introduction to Genealogy - Free Online Class
Get started exploring your family history the right way with this free online class. Includes an interactive classroom, lessons, optional assignments and quizes.

Family Valentine Project - Genealogy for Kids
This fun family activity for Valentine's Day introduces your child to genealogy and can be expanded upon with many creative ideas and projects.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
A fun, easy way for children to find answers to their questions online.  It includes only "G-rated" pages and those written specifically for children.

Dead People Server
A fun site which lists celebrities who are long dead, newly dead or "might plausibly be dead."

Family Explorer
Genealogy.com takes you on an adventure to discover your family history.

Family History Package
A wonderful series at familyeducation.com that will take you and your children or grandchildren step by step through the entire genealogical treasure hunt. A must see!!!

Fun and Easy Family Projects
To encourage children's interest in genealogy - from Treasure Maps.

Genealogy.com Online University
Free online classes in genealogy topics from basic to advanced

Genealogy Merit Badge
The Boy Scouts of America offer a merit badge in genealogy.  Find out what the requirements are.

Tigger Family Trees
Adorable Tigger-adorned family trees to print out and complete with your child. Great for kids scrapbooks too!

USGenWeb for Kidz
Designed to help children learn their way around genealogical research. Wonderful "how to" section and children can post queries in a monitored environment..

WorldGenWeb for Kids
A brand new project that is geared to helping school age children learn about genealogy and world geography.

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