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Explore genealogy and family history resources for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet including Chinese surnames, jia pu, genealogy queries, step-by-step tutorials, history and culture.
  1. Chinese History & Culture

Introduction to Chinese Genealogy
"Jia pu," also known as Zupu, is a record of a clan's history, lineage and an ancestral biography. Learn more about this very important record which forms the basis of Chinese genealogy.

The Origin of Chinese Surnames
Learn about the history and origins of Chinese surnames and how they play an important role in your genealogy research

China Genealogy Forum
Free message board for Chinese family history questions, surname queries and research suggestions.

China GenWeb
This site, hosted by volunteer David Lawrence and a part of the World GenWeb project, offers surnames, queries, translation exchange, lookup exchange and links to resources for individual provinces.

Chinese Cultural Center's "In Search of Roots"
A hands-on research program open to Chinese Americans from 16 to 25 years of age with families originating in counties of the Pearl River Delta region in the Guangdong province of China.

Ethnologue: China
This page shows the various languages currently used in China, where they are geographically spoken, and by how many people they are used.

History, language and genealogy for this unique ethnic group of "Han" Chinese originally active around the Yellow River area. Includes an ancestor registry and query forum.

Immigration: The Chinese
The history of Chinese immigration to the United States.

Western-Chinese Calendar Converter
A necessary resource for figuring out those timelines!

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