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Genealogy Clipart & Graphics - Family Tree Art

Looking for graphics for your personal genealogy Web site? Browse through these collections of free genealogy graphics and clipart. ***Please be sure to read the terms of use provided by the creators of these genealogy graphics. The majority of these sites allow free use of their graphics on not-for-profit genealogy Web pages in return for a link back to their site.

Web Clip Art A to Z

Genealogy Graphics by Rhio's Sampler
Read through and agree to the honor policy to view the index of genealogy graphics including page decor, old photographs, trees, logos, cemeteries, buttons and more. Most are free for use on personal Web sites.

Barbara's Bordered Backgrounds
Barbara has many beautiful backgrounds with a left side border including U.S. States, cemetery, family, tree, church and Native American designs.

A different look for your genealogy Web pages.  Individual pictures, templates and thematic groups such as Whimsies, Native Heritage, and Family Ties.

ImageORama - Black & White Clip Art
Eight pages of black and white graphics include many images which would make good genealogy clip art.

Free Genealogy Graphics from the Timberlake Family Home Page
The Timberlake Family Association offers some beautiful genealogy graphics including backgrounds, animated graphics, and themed sets.

Genealogy Graphics by Trial and Error
A free collection of "Rural Victorian Period" and"National Origin" genealogy clipart designs to honor your pioneer, farmer, or immigrant ancestors.

Genealogy Reference Icons
Hinton genealogy has a neat selection of genealogy related reference icons for use on your personal genealogy Web page.  They also have a few cemetery graphics.

Glee Graphics
An adorable collection of "tagline" graphics, headings, buildings, icons, trees, comic, lines and miscellaneous small and large graphics.

Graphics by Chris
Pages and pages of genealogy graphics including backgrounds, bordered backgrounds, sets, lines, and many adorable graphics including "breaking through brick walls," parchments, ships, old wagons, stoves, wells, and much more.

Graphics by Shawna
Shawna has some beautiful genealogy sets with backgrounds, borders, headings, and buttons, as well as some very cute miscellaneous graphics including bars, signs, welcome banners, etc.

Marvelicious Genealogy Backgrounds
Some pretty antique backgrounds with old fashioned portraits.

Trial and Error Graphics
A very nice collection of rural Victorian border sets, national Flag borders for hundreds of countries, Nationality banners, and welcome banners with matching buttons and border backgrounds.

Vintage Kin
This genealogical design studio is dedicated to providing free family history graphics including clipart, borders, buttons, seamless tiles, icons, bullets, dividers, animations, text and more. Free genealogy WordPress themes for genealogy bloggers too!

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