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RootsTech Family History & Genealogy Conference

Photos from the Inaugural RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City


There's a lot of buzz and excitement going on at the inaugural RootsTech Family History and Technology Conference, held February 10-12, 2011. From the opening presentation by Hewlett Packard Executive VP, Shane Robison, to the pool tables and Wii stations in the Microsoft Playground area of the exhibit hall, it's obvious this is not your Grandma's genealogy conference.

Not able to make it to the inaugural RootsTech Family History and Technology Conference? Check out these pictures from the exhibit hall and convention center and see what all the excitement's about.

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Registration Lines at RootsTechRootsTech - Main Lecture / Presentation RoomRootsTech - Great TechnologyRootsTech Keynote by Hewlett Packard VP, Shane Robison
RootsTech - Video StreamingFamilySearch Booth at RootsTechThe Expo Hall at RootsTechTech-Oriented Exhibitors at RootsTech
RootsTech Expo Hall - Microsoft PlaygroundRootsTech - Cyber CafeRootsTech Collaboration StationRootsTech Media Hub
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