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Cuban Genealogy

Genealogy and family history resources for Cuba including Cuban vital records, surnames, lookup volunteers, research sites, free databases, history, timelines and more.
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Cuba GenWeb
Post your Cuban surnames, search in several free online databases, join a Cuban genealogy mailing list and more at this free, volunteer run site.

Cuba Mailing List
A free mailing list for people interested in family history in the country of Cuba. Postings may be in English or Spanish.

Cuba Message Board - RootsWeb
A free, fairly active message board for posting genealogical or surname queries related to Cuba and Cuban family history.

Cuban Addresses & Telephone Numbers of Genealogical Interest
A wonderful list of contact information for provincial archives, civil register, Catholic churces and more. The 'traditional province' link takes you to a timeline of the creation of Cuba's provinces.

Cuban Genealogy Club of Miami Florida
A club for people interested in learning more about their Cuban family heritage. Membership in the club includes monthly meetings, access to Cuban research materials, study groups and more.

Cuban GenForum
A free, moderately active message board for surname queries and other genealogy questions related to Cuba.

Family History Library Resources for Cuba
The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has a large collection of Cuban genealogy resources available on microfilm - available on loan at a Family History Center near you. Be sure to click on the "View Related Places" button for town and locality specific resources.

Geography and Maps for Cuba
Geography and maps of the Caribbean island country of Cuba from Geography Guide, Matt Rosenberg.

"Guide to Cuban Genealogical Research"
Author Peter E. Carr, a native of Cuba, provides a good overview of Cuban genealogical resources and how to access them. Includes chapters on church records, civil registration, notarial records, census records, slave records, military records, directories, genealogical societies and social clubs, maps and atlases, and many bibliographic references. Compare Prices...

International Jewish Cemetery Project - Cuba
A list of Jewish cemeteries and burial sites in Cuba. Some listings include links to other Web sites with additional information such as burial lists or a name to contact by email or snail-mail.

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