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Access online calendars, birthdate calculators, genealogy calendar programs, date converters, today in history, and instructions on proper date formats for genealogy research.
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Getting the Date Right
Learn how to accurately read and convert dates in old documents and records, including common calendar conversions, feast days and other special dates, quaker style dates, accurate date recording and other date issues of importance to genealogists.

French Republican Calendar
Between 1793 and 1805 a special calendar was in use in France and areas under French rule. This French Republican or Revolutionary calendar consisted of ten day weeks (decades) and twelve months of thirty days. Learn how to convert dates from the French Republican Calendar into the standard calendar format.

Birth Year From Census
Charts to help you calculate a person's birthyear from census information, taking into account the census enumeration date.

Calendars and their History
reprinted from the Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac  

Days of the Week
The history of the seven day week and the naming of the days.

Judaism 101 - The Jewish Calendar
From the online encyclopedia of Judaism, this is an excellent overview of the Jewish calendar.

Months and their Meanings
A history of the months and the meanings of their names.

Roman Numerals
An explanation of Roman numerals along with hints to aid you in reading them.

Today in History from American Memory
  The Library of Congress presents a wonderful essay each day on historical events of today's date, including links to additional information on the American Memory site.   Includes archives of all past essays.

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