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Digital Editing & Restoration - How to Restore Old Photos

Learn how to preserve, repair, and enhance your old family photos with a variety of digital techniques including scanning, colorizing, restoration and more. Includes tutorials in Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and other digital image editing programs.
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Scanning Slides
Got stacks of slide carousels loaded up with old family photos? Save these memories for future generations by digitizing and burning them to DVDs.

Creating & Editing Digital Photos
Step-by-step techniques and tips teach you how to scan and restore your precious family photos. Includes suggestions for cropping images, fixing scratches and flaws, removing red eye, enhancing faded photos, and colorizing old black and white images.

Digitizing Family Movies - How to Transfer Videotapes to DVD
Preserve your precious family memories by transferring them from bulky, deteriorating videotapes onto DVDs. This guide walks you step by step through the process, from the necessary hardware and software to capturing and editing your video and burning the results onto DVD.

Adding Color to Black & White Photos
Tutorial explores three different Paint Shop Pro techniques (colorizing, duotones / tritones / mixtones and underpainting) that add color to greyscale images in very different ways.

Colorizing Black & White Photos in Paint Shop Pro
Step-by-step tutorial with examples makes it easy to add color to your old greyscale photos.

Hand Coloring Black & White Photos with Photoshop
Enhance your old black and white photographs by colorizing portions of the image with these step-by-step instructions from Shuttertalk.

Repairing Old Damaged Photographs Using Canvas
This Canvas tutorial provides quick, easy steps for repairing common problems with digital photos including torn edges and cracks, stains, rips, and loss of color and definition (fading).

Restoring Damaged Photographs
David L. Mishkin discusses the five recognized forms of photo restoration: digital, chemical, physical, copying, and airbrush.

Scanners & Scanning
Halvor Moorshead, Editor of Family Chronicle Magazine, discusses the many ways that genealogists can make use of a scanner. Includes tips and tricks on image compression, optical character recognition (OCR), photo manipulation, storage space and making prints.

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