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Do You Have Any Family Reunion Location Ideas?


Question: Do You Have Any Family Reunion Location Ideas?
Answer: Family reunion locations can be as simple or as exotic as you want. It really depends upon the site's location, the reunion budget and the interests of the participants. From a picnic at the park to a day at the local amusement park to a week long houseboat adventure, here are some family reunion location ideas to get your juices flowing.

The Old Homestead
Is there an old family home or historic spot connected to your family's past? "Going home" is a big draw for reunions, especially for families who have long since moved away from the area. If the old homestead is no longer in the family, how about a nearby park, church or historic site?

National, State and Local Parks
A popular reunion location, parks offer great locations and a wide variety of enjoyable activities. Many have picnic and camping facilities, as well as such options as boating, swimming, fishing, hiking and biking trails, beaches and ball fields. If you're looking for an affordable reunion location, then a park may be just the ticket.

Close to Home
If a lot of your family lives in one area, then a neighborhood location may be your best bet. Consider local fire halls, community centers, fairgrounds and parks. If you have a willing family member with a big backyard, then an afternoon cookout can be fun. Alternatively, many local restaurants, hotels, museums and other facilities may offer rentals and services for reunion groups.

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