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Family Trees of Fiction - Genealogies of Fictional Characters

Sort out complex fictional relationships with these family trees of fictional characters including Donald Duck, soap opera characters (Days of Our Lives, Passions, etc), Luke Skywalker, Dracula, and Frankenstein.

Donald Duck's Family Tree
Sort out the relationship among the Disney Ducks with this family tree outline from the Disney Comics Mailing List.

Dracula's Family Tree
Family Tree of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) and his wife, Princess Cneajna of Transylvania.

Family Trees of the Disney Characters
Studies on the genealogy of the main Disney characters, including Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

Explore the family tree of Victor Frankenstein, the tragic scientist first brought to life by British author, Mary Shelley, in 1816.

Harry Potter Family Tree
Overview of the family tree of the worldwide phenomenon literary character Harry Potter, including full descriptions of each relative. From Wikipedia.

James Bond
Interesting family tree of the Bond family, compiled from references made in many Bond movies.

Lord of the Rings Family Trees
Browse through extensive family trees on the lineages of Elves, Men, and other characters from the popular series by author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Sherlock Holmes
In depth discussion of the ancestors and descendants of Sherlock Holmes. Compiled by Brad Mengel.

Skywalker Family Tree
An online chart of the characters from the four Star Wars films.

The Sopranos - Family Tree
Do the family connections on the hit TV show The Sopranos have you confused? Here's a handy genealogy of the family with the relationships revealed.

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