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First names are often passed down among families, sometimes following a given naming pattern, or providing clues to the first name or surname of a relative or ancestor. Learn about the origins and meanings of first names, along with common naming patterns found in some cultures.

Popular First Names Throughout American History
How popular was your name when you were born? Check out the most popular first names given to babies in America for each year from 1880 through 2000.

Common Nicknames & their First Name Equivalents
Nicknames are very important in genealogy research. Learn which nicknames may have been used by your ancestors along with possible first name equivalents, including such common nicknames as Patsy for Martha and Polly for Mary.

Selecting Baby Names from the Family Tree
Choose a first name with a bit of heritage with these tips and suggestions for looking for baby names in your family tree.

The Importance of Given Names
This article by Donna Przecha provides an excellent overview of naming patterns, name frequency, names as a virtue, recycled names, surnames as given names, nicknames, baptismal names, translated names, German names, "sounds alike" names and patronymics.

Behind the Name
Geared primarily toward parents looking for baby names, this interesting site focuses on the etymology and history of first names from around the world. Covering the meanings of thousands of interesting given names, Behind the Name also features a section on surname origins and meanings.

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