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Family Heirlooms & Home Sources - Researching Your Family Tree

Browse tips for discovering family artifacts and heirlooms that can provide clues to your ancestors, plus guidelines for cataloging and preserving heirlooms for future generations.

Five Places to Dig Up Family Treasures
Not all of us are so lucky to have such family photos, bibles and other family heirlooms in our possession, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Try one of these five places for digging up a few mementos from your past!

Preserving Family Treasures & Heirlooms
Family heirlooms are a great treasure, but can be easily damaged by light, heat, humidity, pests, and handling. Here are a few basic things you can do to preserve these heirlooms for future generations.

Heirloom Hints
Family antiques and heirlooms are passed down through generations as rememberances with great sentimental value. Allison Stacy explains their genealogical value.

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