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Help & Networking - Connecting With Others

Network with other genealogy researchers via mailing lists, chat and forums; access genealogical and historical societies; find volunteers willing to answer questions or help with lookups; or learn how to employ the services of a professional genealogist.
  1. Genealogy Blogs (50)
  2. Libraries (14)
  3. Mailing Lists (7)
  4. Organizations & Societies (27)
  5. Professional Genealogists (20)
  6. Volunteer Opportunities (12)
  7. Social Networking (10)
  8. guest-authors (1)

Ways to Ensure That Your Email Will be Answered
Even though the person likeliest to have the family tree information you need may be someone you have never met, it is very possible to use email to establish friendly and, hopefully, fruitful connections. Try these tips to help ensure that your email will be answered.

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5 Ways to Get People to Share Their Genealogy
Tips and suggstions for encouraging people to share their genealogy research, files, documents, and family heirlooms.

Make the Most of Genealogy Mailing Lists
Joining a genealogy mailing list is like stepping into your own personal research community. Learn where to find and how to use genealogy mailing lists to further your genealogy research.

Tour the Boards - Finding Clues in Genealogy Forums
Genealogy message boards and forums can provide a great deal of clues to your family history. Learn which message boards are best for connecting with other genealogists, and how to best use these forums to further your genealogy research.

How to Write a Successful Genealogy Query
Make the most out of online genealogy message boards and mailing lists by learning how to write a clear and effective query including surname queries and genealogy research questions.

Most Wanted Ancestors
Just getting started with your family tree and unsure where to look first? Have a brick wall ancestor or family line you've been beating your head against for years and looking for some suggestions? Or maybe you have some research you are especially proud of and just want to share it with others! Share your most wanted ancestor stories here. Maybe a reader will have a helpful suggestion o… See submissions

10 Fabulous Sources for Family History Books Online
Before you head to the local library or bookstore, take time to explore the hundreds of thousands of genealogies, local histories and other publications of genealogical interest available online for free! A few major fee-based collections (clearly marked) are also highlighted.

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