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Top 10 Books & Layout Ideas for Heritage Scrapbooking


Scrapbooks are much more than just photo albums, especially when it comes to preserving and sharing your family history. Learn to immortalize your family's cherished photos, documents, memorabilia and stories for generations to come with these essential books for heritage scrapbooking.

1. Creating Your Family Heritage Scrapbook

Creating Your Family Heritage Scrapbook by Maria Given Nerius and Bill Garner
If you're looking for a great book to get you started with heritage scrapbooking, then look no further. "Creating Your Family Heritage Scrapbook" by Maria Given Nerius and Bill Garner is both delightful and informative, packed with practical and creative tips including tracing your family lineage, preserving precious photos and putting it all together into a scrapbook your family will cherish.
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2. Scrapbook Storytelling

Scrapbook Storytelling - Save Family Stories & Memories with Photos, Journaling & Your Own Creativity by Joanna Campbell Slan
A heritage scrapbook is not complete without your family's stories. Learn how to "save family stories and memories with photos, journaling and your own creativity" in this inspiring, must-read book by Joanna Campbell Slan. Packed full of great story starter and journaling ideas.
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3. Crafting Your Own Heritage Album

Anyone who wants to create more than just a scrapbook should read "Crafting Your Own Heritage Album" by Bev Kirschner Braun. Her tips for weaving bits of genealogy, family lore and tradition into your heritage scrapbook will help you create a priceless family heirloom - one of the most rewarding projects you will ever undertake.
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4. Preserving Your Family Photographs

Don't let your precious family photographs fade away in shoeboxes or old magnetic photo albums! Let genealogist Maureen Taylor teach you how to safely organize, preserve and display your heirloom photos with archival materials and a bit of creativity in this companion book to "Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs."
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5. The Photo Scribe - How to Write the Stories Behind Your Photographs

Even experienced scrapbookers will find themselves inspired to a new level of photo journaling after reading the wonderful guidelines and suggestions in this book by Denis Ledoux. Don't waste anymore of your precious scrapbooking time wondering what to write and how to write it!
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6. New Ideas for Crafting Heritage Albums

Stuck for layout and presentation ideas? You won't be after you read this great book by Bev Kirschner Braun. This book is full of heritage layout ideas and showcases some of the great products available for displaying memorabilia. It even touches on new ideas for using computers to help you with your heritage album, from generating family trees to restoring damaged family photos.
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7. Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs

How can you create a scrapbook with your heirloom photographs when you don't know who the people are? Learn to unlock the precious stories and ancestral information hidden within your family photographs in this book by genealogical photo expert, Maureen Taylor. Includes step-by-step advice on how to identify ancestors in photos using their poses, clothes, street scenes, and other information.
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8. More Than Memories - Complete Guide for Preserving Your Family History

A good idea book, especially for beginners, the original book in the "More Than Memories" series includes more than 100 favorite page layouts, techniques and tips from scrapbook specialists across the United States.
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9. More Than Memories III - Mastering the Techniques

Written as a companion to PBS' "More Than Memories" show, this book showcases tips and ideas for perfecting scrapbooking techniques. A wonderful book for learning how to truly personalize your family scrapbook.
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10. The Art of Creative Lettering

Add some pizzaz to your heritage scrapbook with this wonderful book from Becky Higgins, scrapbook artist and creative editor of "Creating Keepsakes" scrapbook magazine. Includes easy instructions for making hundreds of different personalized alphabets plus plenty of bonus layout ideas.
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