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Hispanic Ancestors: Latin America / Spain

Genealogical resources for tracing your Spanish and/or Latin American heritage including surnames and information from Mexico, Cuba and the Mediterranean.
  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Cuba
  3. Jamaica
  4. Mexico
  5. Spain

Spanish Genealogy Word List
Find English meanings for Spanish words and terms commonly found in genealogical documents, including birth, marriage and death records, civil records, military records and census records. Spanish genealogical word list includes record types, events, dates, relationships and other important genealogical terms.

Spanish Surnames - Meanings & Origins
Uncover the meaning of your Spanish last name with this free guide to Hispanic surname meanings and origins.

Spanish Surnames - Meanings & Origins
Explore the meanings and origins of common Spanish surnames, including information on how various categories of surnames developed, and the ways in which Spanish speaking families incorporate both the paternal and maternal surnames.

Enciclopedia Heráldica Hispano-Americana
Searchable index of the 88 volumes by Alberto and Arturo García Carraffa covers Spanish Heraldry and over 15,000 names with their genealogical histories.  

AOL Hispanic Genealogy Special Interest Group
Loose association of genealogists researching Hispanic ancestors provides details on their AOL chats, a surname list, and a Hispanic genealogy address book.

Genealogy of Mexico
This site by Gary Felix contains lists of many of the earliest settlers of Mexico along with their history.

Genealogía Española - Hispanic Genealogy
This bilingual Web site from Luis del Pino hides a wealth of Hispanic genealogy resources, including a surname database, tips and search techniques, information about various archives, and a forum for discussion about Hispanic genealogy.

Histories of Cuban Families
Online surname index to the Histories of Cuban Families Volumes 1-9 by Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz y Mallen Conde de San Juan de Jaruco y Santa Cruz de Mopox.

Spanish Colonial Research Center
A partnership of the US National Park Service and the University of New Mexico, this research center maintains a computerized data base of Spanish colonial documents and records.

FamilySearch - Latin America Research Outline
This wonderful step-by-step instruction guide by the LDS church describes the content, use, and availability of major genealogical records for Latin America.

FamilySearch - Philippines Research Outline
Learn about records and strategies you can use for Philippine family history research in this genealogy research guide from the LDS church. It describes the genealogical records available in Philippines, along with their contents, uses and availability.

The Truth About Hispanic Surnames
Alfred Sosa provides an excellent overview of the origin and meaning of Hispanic surnames along with some advice on researching your own Hispanic surnames.

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