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Genealogy Humor & Fun

Find humor in your family history with this collection of genealogy poems, articles and commentary covering the fun side of family history.

Genealogy Taglines - One Liners for Genealogists
Find a cute saying or funny genealogy tagline to tack on to the end of your emails, add to your Web site, or make a bumper sticker for your car.

I'm My Own Grandpa
Lyrics to I'm My Own Grandpa by Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe, based on a Mark Twain Anedote. Any genealogist will appreciate the humor in this song!

Graveyard Epitaphs
Sometimes humor can be found where you least expect it - such as in the cemetery. These epitaphs include humor, the famous, the curious and the just plain strange.

Genealogy Quotes
Find famous quotations related to genealogy and family history, including humorous quotes, inspirational quotes and others.

The Census
The Census, a genealogy poem by Darlene Stevens. Also published as The Census Taker and Voices in My Heart. Light-hearted genealogy poetry.

Top 10 Reasons Genealogy is Better Than Sex
The next time you get stuck up in the branches of your family tree and need a good laugh, check out Top Ten Reasons Genealogy is Better than Sex by Chris Dunham.

Family Trees Make Monkeys of Us All
A humorous look at the "big business" side of genealogy, and the tendency of people to only care about their family tree when they think it makes them special. By Brian Hennigan.

The Genealogue's Guide to Internet Genealogy
Just about any genealogist will get a chuckle from this flow chart! Chris Dunham pokes fun at the way genealogists use the Web.

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