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Internet Genealogy - Tools for Researching Your Family Tree Online

Learn about genealogy research techniques and tools that can help you find your family tree online. Check out online genealogy databases, spice up your search techniques, and discover family history on the Web.

Top 10 U.S. Databases for Tracing Your Family Tree
There are literally thousands of Web sites and databases available on the Internet with the records and information you need ot help you trace your family tree. So many, that genealogy novices are often quickly overwhelmed. Every source of information, obviously, is useful to someone, but some sites really shine at providing the best return on...

10 Steps for Finding Your Family Tree Online
Locating information on your family tree is easier than ever with thousands of new records being placed online daily. Learn how to tap the vast resources of the Internet to locate your ancestral roots with these ten simple steps.

6 Strategies for Finding Roots Online
Thanks to the Internet, tracing the roots of your family tree has never been easier. Learn how to utilize the many resources available online to research your own family history.

It it's on the Internet, it Must Be True...
A takeoff on the old "in print" adage, genealogy published on the Internet is often mistakenly assumed to be correct and true. Learn how to avoid falling into this common Internet genealogy trap.

5 Steps for Verifying Online Genealogy Sources
While useful as a clue or a starting point for further research, the family tree data found on the Internet is sometimes more fiction than fact. Learn how to separate the good data from the bad with these five simple steps.

Correcting Family Tree Errors Found Online
Most of us have done some shoddy research at one time or the other, or just have found some new clues which indicate our previous assumptions were in error. But what happens when this research has been published online, mistakes and all?

Researching Your Family Tree Online - Moving Past Beginner Basics
Learn how to avoid basic beginner traps and mistakes when researching your family tree online through this step-by-step case study of James Jewel. Experience the online genealogy search through both the eyes of a beginner and the skill of an experienced genealogist.

Internet Genealogy Magazine - A Review
Internet Genealogy is a genealogy magazine published six times per year with a focus on new genealogy databases, search techniques and other resources to using the Internet to trace your family tree.

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