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Italian Genealogy & Family History

Italy is rich in genealogy and family history resources. Learn how to find Italian records, get free research tutorials and outlines for Italy, search free Italian genealogy databases, learn about Italian naming patterns, plus many other resources to help you trace your family tree in Italy.
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Italian Genealogy 101 - Researching Your Family Tree in Italy
Get started researching your Italian roots with this guide to researching Italian ancestors in Italy. Includes an overview of major Italian genealogical records, how to access these records, Italian surnames and their meanings, Italian naming patterns and further resources for Italian genealogy research.

Italian Surname Meanings & Origins
Learn about the possible meaning and origin of your Italian surname, along with information and resources for researching Italian family trees.

Italian Genealogy Word List - Common Italian Words Found in Genealogical ...
Find English meanings for Italian words and terms commonly found in genealogical documents, including birth, marriage and death records, civil records, military records and census records. Italian genealogical word list includes record types, events, dates, relationships and other important genealogical terms.

Latin Genealogical Word List
Latin is found in many of the early records commonly used in Italian genealogy research. This Latin genealogy word list contains Latin words commonly found in genealogical sources along with their English translations.

Maps and Geography of Italy
Pinpoint the village or town of your Italian ancestors with these maps of Italy and its cities, as well as other useful geographical information, from About Geography Guide, Matt Rosenberg.

Italy for Visitors
Planning to travel to Italy to do your research?  Check out About Italy for Visitors, where guide Linda Wright-Martin tells you everything you need to know about visiting Italy.

Comunes of Italy - Mailing List
Explore the archives for one of the best mailing lists on the Internet for Italy heritage and culture.  In the words of Steve Saviello, creator of COI, "This list is Italian genealogy, culture and ALL things Italian."

Comunes of Italy - Surname Database
Search this free database of Italian surnames and their comunes of origin by surname, comune, or submitter.

Concise Guide to Italian Genealogical Research
Straightforward information to get you started in your Italian genealogy research, plus special Italian genealogy topics including rare given names in Italy, Italian nobility, Italian adoptees, medieval Italy, and onomatology.

David's Italian Form Letters for Genealogy Research in Italy
Several sample Italian letters (with English translations so you can understand what you are asking for) help you send requests to Italy for vital records and parish records, or send requests to potential Italian relatives.

FamilySearch - Italy Research Outline
This Italian genealogy research outline from Mormon genealogists helps you determine where to find information about your Italian ancestors.

Finding Italian Records
Find where to write in Italy for genealogical documents, including a list of comunes and addresses, organized by province and region.

Genealogy Helplist - Italy
Get help with your Italian genealogy research from these wonderful lookup volunteers who are willing to help you with genealogical research in Italy.

Italian Genealogy ? - Start Here!
This outstanding Italian genealogy resource site contains dozens of articles, covering both Italian genealogy and cultural issues, interactive services, passenger lists, cemetery transcriptions, etc.  From daddezio.com.

Italian Surnames to America 1850 - 1930
A free, searchable index of Italian immigrant surnames collected from various passenger lists for the period 1850 to 1930, a significant period for Italian immigration to the United States.

Italians to America
An index of Italian surnames found in various passenger lists posted on the Internet.  The search results link you directly to the appropriate list.

PIE (Pursuing our Italian Names Together in Email) is an electronic mailing list for people interested in Italian genealogy and other topics related to Italy and family history.

   Pursuing Our Italian Names Together is a network of individuals interested in Italian heritage and who are actively pursuing their Italian surnames.

Timeline of Italian History
Browse key dates and events from Italian history which have influenced genealogical record keeping in Italy.

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