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Discover your Japanese ancestors with these genealogy and family history resources for Japan including Japanese koseki, nikkei, surname meanings, tutorials, culture and history.

Japanese American WWII Internment Records
Read a historical overview of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, plus learn how and where to access the variety of records that internment generated that are of interest to family historians.

Imperial Family of Japan
Find biographical information and family trees for the Emperors of Japan and other members of the Imperial Family.

Japan GenWeb
History, koseki (family registries), kakocho (death registries), surname and prefecture queries and much more on this World GenWeb site run by volunteer, Charlotte Meyer. Also in Spanish and Japanese.

National Archives of Japan - Digital Archives
Very few records are available online, but there is detailed information on holdings, Japanese archival laws, and hours and location of the Japanese National Archives. In English or Japanese.

National Archives of Singapore
No records available online, but there is a nice overview of the documents, oral history recordings, building plans, photographs, and audio-visuals which are contained in the Archives.

National Japanese American Historical Society
A a non-profit membership supported organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and dissemination of materials relating to the history and culture of Japanese Americans.

Nikkei Ancestry
Nikkei is the term used to describe four generations of people of Japanese ancestry in America. Learn about WRA records and other resources for researching Nikkei ancestry from the Japanese Genealogy Research Information Center.

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