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Journaling, Autobiography & Personal History

Don't forget to preserve your own personal history for future generations! Learn how to get started with journaling your personal stories or writing your autobiography with this inspirational techniques, workshops and supplies.

Make a Memory Book
Important pieces of a family's history are found only in the memories of the living relatives. Help preserve those precious family memories for posterity by creating a personalized memory book or journal for your relative to complete.

Top 10 Legacy Journals for Collecting Your Memories
Life journals are books filled with thought-provoking questions to walk you through the process of recording precious memories. Great for family members, or for organizing and writing down your own life story!

Keeping a Journal - 10 Techniques
There is more than one way to keep a journal. Try one of these 10 techniques for supplementing your personal history. From About LDS.

Keeping a Journal - Tips for Success
Keep your journal writing on track with these tips and tricks. From About LDS.

3 Ways to Improve the Journaling on Your Scrapbook Pages
Journaling ideas for scrapbookers including using fonts, poems and quotes, and writing from the heart. From About Scrapbooking.

Journaling Your Memories
Helpful information about preserving your family memories with your written words from Your Family Legacy and About Scrapbooking.

Ten Steps to Recording Your Personal History
Don't forget that you are an important part of your family's history. Juliana Smith provides a few good ideas to help get your personal history project off the ground.

Writing the Journey
This free online journal writing workshop offers prompts, resources, excercises, history and concepts of journaling.

Online Memory Sharing
preserve family memories online social networking journal family stories

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